It takes a village!

The incredible individuals that are part of our Musical Direction Team are the behind-the-scenes people who keep our chorus growing and functioning like the well-oiled machine that we need to be.  Before a single note gets sung, these individuals are on the job to help make everything runs smoothly. From rehearsals to community performances to competitions, these are the people who make it all happen.

Our Chorus Musical Direction Team
Our Section Leaders work closely with our chorus members to help us master our craft and create the sound we want.

Musical Director: Martha DeClerq
Assistant Directors: Heather Deslauriers McCuaig, Linda Morrison

Lead Section Leaders: Gail Tingle & Heather Deslauriers McCuaig
Assistant Lead Section Leader: Jen Febel
Lead Assessor: Marion Campbel

Baritone Section Leader: Lis Dipasquale
Assistant Baritone Section Leader: Rhonda Gribbon
Baritone Assessor: Nadia Younan

Bass Section Leader: Cheryl Yaciuk
Assistant Bass Section Leader: Kim Stokes

Tenor Section Leader: Linda Morrison
Assistant Tenor Section Leader: Meaghan DeClerq

Chorus Operations Manager: Cheryl Yaciuk
Visual Coordinator: Meaghan DeClerq

Makeup Coordinator: Cindy Whitfield
Costume Coordinator: Marion Campbell