Regarding The chorus in general

Do you like to sing? I do. I sing all day long, all around the house. I turn sentences into songs and a lot of times I'll think of a song that goes with a conversation and blurt it out. I always tell people that music moves me. I've always wanted to join a choir just for fun. Then my friend Rita introduced me to York Harmony Chorus. Well, I thought I was joining a choir! It turns out that it is much more than that. YHC is a community of wonderful, loving ladies who welcomed me with open arms! The first time I heard them sing in harmony, I was so moved, I knew I had to give it a shot to be part of this. Much to my surprise, I passed my audition! Every week I go to practice I feel like I'm with a new group of wonderful friends who all love to sing. It's an incredible experience to be part of York Harmony Chorus. If you love to sing, come and see for yourself and feel the love.

As a busy working mom, you carefully choose where you want to spend your ‘spare time'. YHC is a personal space where I can pursue my passion for singing and hone my vocal skills. The thrill of competition and performance fuels my drive for excellence all while being surrounded by a welcoming and supportive group of women with shared aspirations. The exceptional leadership and coaching that you receive with YHC inspires my individual growth and the achievements of our chorus.

Together, through harmony, we create something truly special.

"I have never been part of such a supportive and kind group in my life. Any time I find myself feeling down or unsure of what I want to do or where I need to be, I know I have 45+ people who are there for me and who have my back. This is more than a chorus. This is family."

"When I showed up to my first rehearsal I knew no one and was so nervous but everyone was just so welcoming that I felt like I belonged immediately. Over the years it is the friendships I have formed here that have been the most surprising thing. I joined for the music but I stay for the friendship. "