Come for the music. Stay for the friendship.

Are you tired of singing all alone in the shower? Do you have an ear for music? Are you looking for a new way to challenge yourself? Are you ready to experience the art of four-part harmony?

If so - come check us out!

YHC meets and rehearses every Tuesday night from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at the Sharon-Hope United Church located at 18648 Leslie Street, Sharon, ON

How to be a part of our magic:

STEP ONE: Come join us for one of our rehearsals and see what we are all about

STEP TWO: Meet with our Musical Director to determine which voice part best suits your vocal range

STEP THREE: Take part in our 5 week learning program during which time you will be guided and mentored by our Team to learn a piece of music that you will use as your audition piece

Frequently asked questions:

"What if I can't read music?"

Not a problem! In fact, many of our members learn by listening to specially recorded Learning Tracks that break down each part individually.  

"What is the time commitment?"

YHC meet weekly on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 10pm.  In addition, we also meet twice a year for scheduled weekend Coaching Retreats (January and September) as well as our annual Regional Competition (April).  

"What is the financial commitment?"

As a new member you will be required to pay the Sweet Adelines International annuals dues as well as your monthly YHC Chorus dues (which can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly).  Please know that we never want money to stand in the way of you pursuing your joy of music and singing and we are happy to work with you to make it work.

In addition to your dues you may also be asked to purchase pieces for your costumes (makeup, shirts...etc.)


On your first visit to our chorus you may sit back, relax and listen to us sing, get a feel for our sound and performance levels.  If you are interested in becoming a member, you may elect to audition.


Voice placement is done by the Musical Director of our chorus.  She will listen to your voice to determine in what range you are most comfortable singing.  You will be asked your musical background and/or Sweet Adeline experience.  Many of our chorus members are first time barbershoppers, so don't be worried if you are new to this type of singing.  You will also be asked to sing part of a song.  This can be as simple as Happy Birthday, or any other song you know.



You will be assigned to one of four singing parts, based on your vocal range, and given a selected piece of music with a learning mp3.  A mentor will be assigned to help you through the audition process which requires you to learn the song over a five week period and sing it in a quartet.


Vocal:  In order to perform in public, all members are required to qualify on all contest and performance songs in the current repertoire.  Qualifying consists of singing the song with the chorus and recording your part for your section leader.  You will be scored on correct notes, words and vocal production.  There will be opportunities for re-qualifying and our section leaders are there to help.

In addition, York Harmony Chorus offers Personal Voice Instruction, or PVI, coaching and dedicated section rehearsals to help our members become better barbershop singers.

Choreography:  Movement is a very big part of our presentation, so it is vital that our members be able to respond to music physically and rhythmically.  Facial expression, movement synchronization, and the singer's posture are important when interpreting the song.

Choreographed moves are taught to enhance our performance.  Extra choreography practices often help and attendance is expected.